Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bobby Nolan – Hollywood Death Cheater

1938 Event Poster: Photo (c) Terri Lynn Coop

One of the best parts of going to garage sales is finding something odd and unusual for your collection that also absolutely stumps you. A few years ago, I came across a promotional poster for daredevil driver, “Bobby Nolan – Hollywood Death Cheater.” From July 25 to July 31, 1938, you could see Bobby “Crashing 24 Inch Brick Wall At A Mile A Minute [sic].” He also did the “Death Defying Ski Jump” and “Alternate Ski Jump” and it was all “FREE-FREE-FREE.”

My Internet search for information turned up that Chippewa Lake Park was an amusement park in Medina County Ohio. It operated continuously from 1878 until it closed down for good in 1978. Fire scarred the structures and the park has been completely demolished. 

However, I can’t find our anything about Bobby Nolan – Hollywood Death Cheater. So, not only does this poster add an interesting vintage touch to my car memorabilia collection, it also adds a mystery that keeps me guessing every time I look at it.


  1. That same poster is on the wall at Logan's Roadhouse restaurant in Hixson (Chattanooga) Tennessee.

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  3. And at Logan's in Norfolk/Virginia Beach VA. I grew up near and visited Chippewa Lake Park growing up in Akron OH. It was quite a shock to see this poster on the wall at the restaurant!