Sunday, August 19, 2012

Las Vegas Fun: Rick's Restorations

Rick's Restorations Exterior, (c) Terri L. Coop
When I planned my trip to Las Vegas, my friends asked me what I wanted to do. Well, duh, I wanted to go to Rick's Restorations, so off we went. Unfortunately, Rick Dale was at the Sturgis Run, but his gorgeous wife Kelly (the model behind the saucy retro logo), talked with me.

You are in the right place! (c) Terri L. Coop

Kelly - sexy and smart! (c) Terri L. Coop
After laying out the rules on photography (customer privacy and to not accidentally reveal projects for upcoming episodes of their show American Restoration), I got an awesome tour of the workshop area from Brett "The Butcher."

I cannot overstate how warm and fun-loving the crew at Rick's Restorations is. Every visitor was treated like a long-lost friend and the entire operation is set up as a combination business, museum, and tourist attraction.

When you arrive, check out the retro small town street scene. Classic cars, restored and unrestored, grace the front for browsing and photo-ops. (Hint, look all around the parking lot, there was some fun stuff to see tucked away in the corners.)

Chrome details on one of the restored beauties
outside of Rick's, (c) Terri L. Coop
Then try your luck at figuring out which of the doors actually leads inside. Luckily, you get as many tries as you need. Once inside the showroom, take your time and explore. The display isn't huge, but the variety and craftsmanship is stunning (I seriously want the slot machine Kelly is posing by AND the gas station paper towel dispenser).

It was practical! Yeesh! (c) Terri L. Coop
And no trip is complete without browsing through the souvenir shop. Why yes, I did get a hat, why do you ask? Las Vegas is very sunny and hot this time of year. It was practical, I tell you, practical. Next time you are in Vegas and, um, need a hat (or an antique vertical gas pump restored), be sure to stop by Rick's Restorations at 1112 South Commerce Street. Hours are 9 - 5, Monday through Friday and 10 - 4, Saturday and Sunday.  You won't regret it one bit.

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