Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Las Vegas Toy Shack

Next stop on my Vegas reality show tour was the Vegas Toy Shack, home of Johnny Jimenez, toy expert for History Channel's "Pawn Stars." I talked with one of his staff and got the scoop on a burning question, "did they go back and buy that outrageous Transformers collection?" The answer was "some of it" and that there was even more to the collection than shown on television.

The Toy Shack is a mecca for diecast and toy car collectors. They specialize in Hot Wheels, Matchbox, 1:18 scale diecast and model kits as well as action figures and other pop culture toys. One look at the storefront (guarded by Lion-O) and you know you are in the right place.

The Vegas Toy Shack in Neonopolis:  (c) Terri L. Coop

I admit to being just fascinated by the customized 1:18 scale (or there abouts) Disney Pixar CARS characters. Some were done at Ridemakerz, but some, like the outrageous Tater below came all from the minds and craftsmanship of the Toy Shack staff.

Pixar CARS Custom McQueen: (c) Terri L. Coop

One of a kind custom Pixar CARS Tater: (c) Terri L. Coop

Diecast & Model Kits: (c) Terri L. Coop
The Toy Shack is a great place to buy, sell, trade, and just hang out and talk toys. Located in Neonopolis at the far end of Fremont Street, it is a destination all by itself. Check. It. Out.

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