Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pimping Your Ridez at Ridemakerz

Toy Shack Bats McQueen: (c) Terri L. Coop
I got my first look at a Ridemakerz custom toy car when I visited the Toy Shack on my trip to Las Vegas. I asked about the clever 1:18 scale Pixar character cars and heard the magic word - Ridemakerz. Intrigued Terri was intrigued. . .

Toy Shack Ridemakerz McQueen: (c) Terri L. Coop
Toy Shack Capt America Tater: (c) Terri L. Coop

So, I visited the Ridemakerz website and found a nerd world so compelling that I ended up playing with the build-a-car app for a couple of hours.

Ridemakerz offers more than Disney cars. You can build realistic racers or fanciful funny cars. There is a radio-controlled chassis option as well.

Ridemakerz also has several stores where you can pull up to the bench and build your car yourself with the help of the on-site service crew. They even will let you have your birthday party there.

Just how freaking cool is that?

Check out the site and have some fun. Watch your cart, your creation can get pricey fast. However, with 649 million possible combinations, it will be a one-of-a-kind. Ridemakerz also offers gift cards that I think would make an awesome gift. *cough* Ya know, if you were having trouble deciding what to do for Christmas. *halo*

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