Saturday, September 29, 2012

Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Cafe

About halfway through my vacation visiting my friends in Vegas, they both had to work. I know, whatever was I going to do with myself? I had my bestie dump me at the Strip with a promise to call if I needed anything. 

Well, anybody can hang out at a casino. When you've seen one video poker game, you've seen them all. I was much more interested in the sights and sounds of America's biggest outdoor theme park - Las Vegas Boulevard. I started my hike at the Statue of Liberty (you can see her on the right edge) and was way ready for a break by the time I got to the midway point. And to my delight, that included the Harley-Davidson Cafe with the giant bike leaping out of the second floor ready to roar down The Strip. 

Harley Cafe on the Vegas Strip (c) Terri Lynn Coop

This second photo comes from the observation deck at the top of the escalator. The detail is amazing, right down to the logos and chrome. Hah! From this perspective, it looks like the front wheel is sitting on the pavement ready to rock and roll. I even got a shadow.

The Vegas Harley is ready to ride! (c) Terri Lynn Coop

Inside, along with cold beer and hot BBQ is a collection of vintage and customized bikes that roll by on a chain drive in the ceiling. The bikes circle the restaurant then climb out of sight. The restaurant has an amazing collection of celebrity photos and memorabilia as well. A perfect lunch or break stop for a car and motorcycle fan. The Harley-Davidson Cafe is located at 3725 Las Vegas Boulevard and is open from 9 in the morning until midnight, seven days a week.

Harley 1200 Low riding the drive (c) Terri Lynn Coop

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