Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hood Ornaments: Cruising in Vintage Style

I am always on a photo safari. I carry my camera wherever I go in my hometown of Fort Scott Kansas because the town is a mecca for classic cars. This 1936 Plymouth sitting out in front of La Hacienda was no exception. Photos don't do this beautiful vintage lady justice. 

1936 Plymouth, Fort Scott Kansas: (c) Terri Lynn Coop
However, while a customizer might be curious about what is under the hood, I am a geek for the trim and accessories. This car had a stunning hood ornament in the classic Plymouth sailing ship style. 

Plymouth adopted the sailing ship style in 1935: (c) Terri Lynn Coop

The hood ornament matched the badge on the grille, keeping the sailing ship theme. Plymouth ornaments morphed into airplanes in the 1950s.

When it comes to hood ornaments and chrome, I am more of a virtual collector. I like photographing the chrome on the cars in good natural light. I don't have to worry about them breaking or rusting and I don't have to use my limited display place. Also, price. Hood ornaments can sell for $2.00 to $2000.00 (and more) depending on the rarity. That's a lot of mini-discs for my camera. So, if you see someone in cargo shorts leaning over a classic car on your street, don't call the cops, it's just me and I know to look, but not touch.

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